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I write books under my name, Deb McLeod,
and my pen name, Delaney Love

I remember the day long ago that I decided I would be a writer. I began a story about a girl who  goes to this field to sit under a tree and write in her diary (a red diary, but I had it first). One day she accidentally leaves the diary behind. The narrative flips to the past and a boy who comes to the field to sit under the same tree. He finds the diary, opens it and begins to read.

I jumped to get that story down. Handwritten and painstakingly typed up so it could be legible. Then I handed it to the man who would become my  ex a few years later. He read it while I hyperventilated. Could anyone read so slow?

When he handed it to me he sort of nodded, then said: “You know, I read this same story in another book.”

Such is the life of the writer. Since then, maybe because of then, I got my BA in creative writing from the University of Arizona and my MFA in creative writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. I taught at community colleges, then started my own creative writing coach business and ran that for 20 years.

Now I’m retired and that means there’s more time to write. I’m just getting started.

Books in the works:

  • Forever Fated – to be published in 2022
  • Forever Lawless – to be published in 2022
  • Forever Safe – to be published in 2022
  • The Forever Liar – to be published in late 2022
  • The Julia Set – revise in 2022
  • The Train to Pescara  – new first draft
  • Musings from a Writing Coach – to be published in 2022
  • Find Your Voice – to be published in 2023
  • Not Your Typical Writing Prompts – first I have to weed through 20 years of weekly prompts, so who knows when this one will come out.