The Julia Set


In the instant Lucien Broussard crosses into the boundary between life and death, everything becomes clear. He willingly stepped into death to keep his love safe. But as his life becomes clear, so, too, does his death. Death memories bloom and Lucien sees his part in an ethereal war whose battles and consequences play out on the human stage daily.

A djinni, a disgruntled angel, a fifty-year-old secret, a passion that will never die, and a story that leads all the way back to the fall of the angels has been hidden behind the veil of life. As humanity teeters on a precipice that will bring them one step closer to the gods and change human experience as we know it, Lucien, who’s crossed, but isn’t dead yet, must make a choice.

One step takes him beyond the veil and preserves the status quo across the universe. One step takes him back.

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