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Forever Fated

So how do you break a curse anyway?

Posing as a reporter, Winter Voss follows Jack Drifter right into a nationwide manhunt for the kidnapped wife of a senator. Doesn’t matter that Winter’s only followed Jack Drifter to break an ancient curse between  them. Doesn’t matter that she can’t figure out how to do that. What does matter is that the more she finds out about Jack Drifter, the easier it is to fall in love with him all over again. Until her lies catch up and everyone, including Jack, is looking to her to set things right.

A rollicking good time!

Debra McKenna, author of Recovering from Life

The Mountain Knights

Romantic Suspense
Delaney Love is the pen name I created for my Mountain Knights romantic suspense series. When I decided to tackle some part of the romance market, I decided to write the story of Colton, Colorado– place they say where women can go to disappear. A fairy tale about heroes and heroines who conquer primal fears and find their happy ever after together.
This romantic suspense series is kissed awake by a ancient curse that brings one more good-hearted person to the Mountain Knights’ cause and starts a chain reaction that weaves through all the books that take place in Colton, Colorado.

The world they live in was inspired from a slice of a paranormal series I’m working on with the working title of Beyond the Veil. And another series my daughter and her best friend are writing set in the near future and the children of the couples who get together in this series. They write under the name of Eliza McCroy. Hope you enjoy!

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